“Spiritual Practice Coaching”


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Do you know that meditation and spiritual practice are important to you but struggle to find the discipline and motivation to keep a daily practice?

Are anger, addiction and apathy screwing up your life?

Do you find yourself making endless excuses and always putting meditation off to a more convenient time?

My name is Damien Abel and I know exactly what you are going through. Laziness and carelessness are the enemies of a genuine spiritual practice. It is extremely difficult, in our busy world, to make time for meditation but if we want to die without regrets then we must find a way to destroy these enemies of practice.

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”   Gautama Buddha

The secret to conquering these negative emotions is the use of coaching and deep contemplations of the preciousness of your life, impermanence & death, the suffering of emotional reactivity and the law of cause and effect (The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind Towards The Dharma).

I coach spiritual practitioners through weekly Skype sessions. In these sessions, we will work together to help you maintain focus, discipline and find the inner strength to have a deep and rewarding spiritual practice. Think of me as a personal trainer for your meditation practice.

Email me if you are done putting your practice off and want to begin a disciplined spiritual path now!




Damien teaches both in person and via Skype, to find out more check out the Coaching page

Or Email Damien at Damien@vajrabodyvajramind.com

            May All Beings Be Released From This Ocean of Suffering!