“Training Body and Mind in Awareness and Compassion”


Vajra Body Vajra Mind is a podcast and coaching community that explores the cutting edge of spiritual and physical development with renowned spiritual teachers and health experts.

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My name is Damien Abel and I offer support and guidance to serious spiritual practitioners.

It’s extremely difficult, in our busy world, to make time for our spiritual practice. If we want to die without regrets, we must find a way to:

Cultivate Awareness and Compassion

Uproot Patterns of Anger, Apathy and Addiction


Benefit Others

One way to facilitate the achievement of these aims is the use of a coach or mentor.

A Coach Can Help You:

~ stay consistent in and deepen your physical and spiritual training.

~ connect with your deepest intentions for life.

~help keep you accountable to your intentions

~ stay continuously encouraged and inspired.

In weekly Skype meetings, on the phone or in-person, I will lead you through the Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind Towards the Dharma or the Mentoring Program. I coach using my knowledge and training in Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, Esoteric Christianity, Eastern medicine, sacred intimacy, Qigong and Comparative Religion to coach each student through the ups and downs of the spiritual path. I tailor my coaching to each individual using the principle of spiritual friendship as the foundation.

Through the skillful application of discipline and patience, the path is found.

Check out my Mentor Coaching and Events page for more information.

My wish is to guide you in your aspiration. You alone are responsible for your life, but I am here to help you.

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 Let go of what has passed.
Let go of what may come.
Let go of what is happening now.
Don’t try to figure anything out.
Don’t try to make anything happen.
Relax, right now, and rest.



I teach both in person, on the phone and via Skype, to find out more check out the Personal Coaching and Events page

Or Email Me at Damien.abel3@gmail.com

            May All Beings Be Released From This Ocean of Suffering!