“Spiritual Crisis Management”

Vajra Body Vajra Mind



Vajra Body Vajra Mind

Coach and Mentor Damien Abel.


A Guide for Practitioners Going Through Spiritual Crisis:


Do you struggle to establish a pragmatic and effective spiritual path?


Are you transitioning out of your childhood faith and aren’t sure where to turn?


Are you going through the Second Veil (see tab above)?


Are you in the throws of addiction, apathy or depression and think it is a spiritual sickness?

My name is Damien Abel and I use my spiritual training, religious studies and experience drawn from my podcast (in which I talked with some of the greatest spiritual minds of our time) to help practitioners find their way out of spiritual crisis.







 I offer three month Skype and phone based programs, in which I will give you the tools and support to gracefully navigate your spiritual crisis.



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The freedom and opportunities we now have are extremely precious.
Being impermanent, everything that is born must die.
The results of our virtuous and harmful actions are inevitable.
The three realms we experience as patterned existence are an ocean of suffering.
Remembering this, may my mind turn towards the Great Way



            May All Beings Be Released From This Ocean of Suffering!