“The Path is Down and In, Not Up and Out”

Damien Alexander Abel

Crystal Sphere

 Spiritual Coaching


 “In our culture, most people put very little energy into their spiritual practice, so the results are minimal. Many people put the least effort into what they say is the most important. This leads to nothing but severe regrets. It is my passion to help people change this…before it is too late.” -Damien Abel




Damien Abel has been formally training in and practicing Tibetan Buddhism for over a decade. Damien’s other interests and areas of training are Shamanism, Active Dreaming, Tarot, Taoism, Contemplative Christianity, Integral Thinking, Weight Training, Qi Gong, ReWilding, Paleo, Living Foods, Ayurveda and Ancestral Diets.



Amidst the fleeting clouds of illusion

Dances the lightening flash of life.

Can you say that tomorrow you will not be dead?

So practice the Dharma. – Shechen Gyaltsap



In addition to being a Spiritual Coach Damien is a Nutritional Therapist, a Para-educator, QiGong Instructor, Husband and a Father of three.


-B.A. in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington

-C.N.A. from Kamanga

-Certified Nutritional Therapist from Health Science Academy

-Vice President of the Northwest Dharma Association www.northwestdharma.org

Damien’s mentors are: HE Kilung Rinpoche, Sheila Belanger, George Draffan, Robert Moss, HH Dagchen Rinpoche, Jed Ward, Tulku Yeshe Gyatso and Lama Tharchin.



One-on-one Qigong coaching, in person, is available by appointment


For more information email Damien at Damien.abel3@gmail.com



If you are (a warrior) searching for a deeper meaning in your precious life, ready to open your heart to its infinity, have courage to make mistakes and learn from them and conquer your inner, outer and secret demons by transcending dualities, Damien is a great mentor I would sincerely recommend to choose as your guide; he will inspire you with the deep insights through the universal language of the heart as he did and does guide and inspire me for over 4 years now.

Thank you, Damien, for your patience in guiding me, I am truly blessed to have met you.


CA and Lithuania


“Damien Abel is a skillful guide with a tremendous heart, and he’s helped me discover hidden aspects of my experience, which have previously seemed imaginable.  

With his penetrating intelligence, and a vast knowledge of different spiritual traditions, Damien will inspire you to practice, and keep you aligned with your deepest intentions. 

Whether you’re a serious practitioner, or simply curious about living a spiritually fulfilling life, Damien will offer guidance every step of the way. 

Do yourself a favor, contact him. ”

-Damien Contessa PhD

Tampa, FL



Damien has been an essential part of my spiritual path. We have developed a deeply close relationship both spiritually and personally over the last decade. He has been the burning light guiding the path on multiple avenues in my life. From music, sex, health, Buddhism, lifestyle, etc. Through his patience and dedication, I was able to get through my adversity to meditation practice long enough to the experience the profound virtue in them. It has been my honor to know Damien and have him be such a valuable mentor in this life.

Much love

Jed Ward

Burien, WA


“Damien has been a tremendous guide and ally on my spiritual path. His own practices and his authentic wish to serve others have deeply inspired me. He has been kind, available, direct and flexible in his work with me, and I have truly benefited; my practice is deeper and more consistent than ever since he began coaching me. I recommend him to anyone seeking wisdom, clarity and motivation on their spiritual journey.”

-Jeanine Ten Broeck MA LPC
Lafayette, CO



“Working with Damien as a student has been the most beneficial relationship in my spiritual practice.  He continues to be a kind, and generous teacher whose advice I find useful in many areas of my life.  Damien has instructed me on the less complicated meditation techniques like calm abiding to the everyday practical teachings of Lojong or mind training. What sets him apart for me from other spiritual guides is his ability to explain and work through difficult subjects like Buddhist philosophy and theory, explaining it in a way easy to understand. When I faced problems in my life such as substance abuse and low self-esteem, I began seeking for help in books, but the student and mentor relationship we formed has helped in overcoming those once seemingly impossible to rid obstacles. Thank you, much love to all.”

-Ayrton Ibarra

Federal Way, WA