“The Path is Down and In, Not Up and Out”









Overcoming obstacles and very difficult problems …teach you about yourself and give you personal awareness.”

– Joe Rogan




  • -Develop a daily meditation practice


  • -Work with disturbing emotions and habits


  • -Train and tame the mind


  •  -Develop deep access to awareness and compassion


  • -Strengthen the nervous system with tonic herbs


  • -Optimize diet to strengthen your development


  • -Discover and live your deepest purpose







Through training in awareness of death & impermanence…


Through the cultivation of massive gratitude…


Through reflection on the suffering caused by emotional reactivity…


Through a deep understanding of cause and effect…



Motivation, Discipline and Determination naturally arise






As a river rushes to the sea,

As the sun and moon glide across the mountains of the west,

As the days and nights, hours and moments flee,

Life flows away, inexorably. -Guru Rinpoche











 “Furthermore, since life is uncertain, the causes of death are numerous, and one can’t even be sure that death won’t come today, one must exert oneself in the dharma right away. At the time of death, except for virtuous and nonvirtuous actions, nothing will follow, not wealth, food, possessions, nor land, body, or status. Since these are not even as helpful as a straw, there is not the slightest need for them.”

-Jamgon Kongtrul