“The Path is Down and In, Not Up and Out”


A healthy diet and regular exercise are absolutely vital to the spiritual path. Sugar and toxins cloud the mind and make the body rigid and weak. Just a little effort in these areas will profoundly benefit your meditation. -Damien Abel


FREE Introductory Meet & Greet

You are cordially invited to a personal, twenty minute, exploratory meeting with coach and mentor Damien Abel. In this meeting, you are welcome to ask all your questions about Damien’s coaching style and programs. You can also receive a short Tarot reading on your life path.

-Half an Hour Interview with Coach and Mentor Damien Abel

-Short Tarot reading on your life path (upon request)





Nutritional Therapy


Damien offers Nutritional Therapy for people who want to revolutionize their diet for amazing health, radiant energy and a powerful drive. Damien uses dietary principles based on research into ancestral diets and cutting-edge science.

Dietary guidelines based on a low carb diet, high in antioxidants and fermented foods



Monthly Consultation via Phone or Skype As Needed:


In this program session, drawing on many years of study in nutrition (Certified Nutritional Therapist from Health Science Academy) and herbalism, Damien will help you create a customized diet plan that is adapted to suite your will power, tastes, budget and ethics. In addition, he will suggest additional herbs and supplements that may be beneficial.



You Can Expect:

-A 60 minute phone or Skype consultation in which you and Damien will co-create diet plan that suites you.

-An email containing the diet plan you and Damien build.

-A list of recommended supplements and Herbs

-Open access to Damien via email for clarification and suggestions based on your plan

Your Investment:

-$100 per session



Healer Training

Do you want to learn the basics and more advanced nutritional knowledge?

Do you feel called to help heal your friends and family?

Do you desire to help people find balance in their lives?

Do you want to learn the basics of Energy healing?

Do you want to learn herbalism?



In this track, Damien will train you in basic principles of Ayurveda and energy healing. In this track you will learn how to heal yourself and others using herbs, diet and energy.

  • -24 One Hour Sessions with Mentor/Coach Damien Abel

  • -Training in meditation or intuition

  • -“Purpose Finding” or “Flow Finding” Techniques

  • -Ongoing reading, music and video recommendations

  • -Archetypal Tarot readings to help you stay on your path

  • -A personalized diet and exercise plan that won’t break your wallet or your will

  • -Open access to Damien via text, phone and email for the year, as your sponsor in transformation

Your Commitment:

  1. Focused homework of 3 hours per week including but not limited to meditation, exercise, contemplation and reading.

  2. One hour meeting every two weeks.

  3. Your Investment: $75 per session










Disclaimer: Spiritual practice and personal discipline are a personal affair. Your success depends on your willingness, discipline and lifestyle. In other words, no one can do your practice for you. Clients assume all responsibility for all supplements they take or suggestions they follow. Damien does not treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental or energetic disease.