“The Path is Down and In, Not Up and Out”

Urban Shamanism






In the world I see, the shamanic tradition is reestablished…



In the ancient world, there were spiritual practitioners in every community who practiced the spiritual arts; subduing negative energies, harmonizing the natural elements, praying for the sick and performing practices for the dead. These people served their communities in almost entirely energetic ways. There was no need to proselytize, to hold beliefs or to create religions. In fact, most of their spiritual work was done in secret. Their aim was to serve at the level of subtle energy. They would pass on their wisdom verbally only occasionally and only at the request of individuals. I see this as the spiritual model that must be reclaimed.

There must be spiritual leaders in every community, if this world is going to find balance. This means that everyone should know someone personally who is serving this function. These shamans will work behind the scenes performing spiritual practices as a response to the suffering around them. For example, if someone in their life has an addiction, they would perform subduing practices to eliminate the negative energies in that person. If a local forest was clear cut, the shaman may perform smoke offerings to the spirits of that place, asking forgiveness and attempting to rebalance the environment.

Shamans will also all perform huge numbers of prayers everyday for all of the people in their life as well as for the whole world. They will pay attention to the news and perform practices for people involved in wars, tragedies and natural disasters. These are just a few examples of the work modern shamans will do.

If you share this vision, then I implore you to help me establish this new shamanic culture. Get in touch with me, share your ideas and lets figure out how to we can bring about this change. Thank you for listening.